Unit #2
English Literature
Aug 30-Sep 5
Get emails and phone numbers for each student.

First Test Thursday, September 2 over:
Midsummer, Old Man and the Sea, Allegory, Alliteration, first 5 Greek/Latin roots

Assignment 2.2:
Novel Reading:
Begin reading the book "When Crickets Cry"  (Chapters 8-20)

Submit Assignment 1.2 due Sep 5

Assignment 2.3
Literature Terms
--define in your own words
--give an example of the word from two different sources of literature...share with me an example of allusion from two novels and 2 examples of a couplet (hint:  Shakespeare sonnets are a place to start)
--give the name of the literature/poem AND the author from your examples above.

Due Sep 3

Assignment 2.4
Greek/Latin Roots
Have all roots up through Unit #2 memorized by Sunday night and be ready to be tested over them.

Due Sep 5

Assignment 2.5

Novel Notecards
There is a huge list on the website.  We will be skipping some of these so don't just do the next two.  Always look here for the books we will be going over:
Here are your novels:
The Count of the Monte Cristo
watch this video for an additional plot explanation

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Due Sep 2