Example of a Well-Done Novel Summary/Response
The Pearl
By: John Steinbeck

1.  Kino and Juana’s infant son, Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion
2.  To pay for a doctor, Juana and Kino go diving for pearls in their canoe
3.  Kino finds a very large pearl
4.  The doctor visits Coyotito and gives him medicine that doesn’t help
5.  Kino buries the pearl in the corner of his house, then under a hole in his fire pit
6.  Someone attempts to steal the pearl but is fought off by Kino
7.  Jauna is beat violently by Kino after trying to get rid of the pearl
8.  Kino is confronted by hostile men, later killing one of the men
9.  Kino and Juana's house and canoe are destroyed
10.  Trackers follow the family as they escape down the mountain
11.  Kino kills the trackers but not before Coyotito is shot dead
12.  The pearl is thrown back in the sea by Kino

In this story, an infant boy named Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, but his parents, Kino and Juana, don’t have enough money to get the doctor's help. Juana's prayers are answered when Kino finds a huge pearl to support their family and cure their son. The doctor’s medicine doesn’t help Coyotito, and the pearl brings trouble, as many people try to steal it. As the family flees the violent thieves, Coyotito is shot and killed, and Kino tosses the pearl back into the sea.

Rating: 4 - I didn't enjoy The Pearl because of the negative influence the pearl had on people, and because Coyotito dies after all his parents efforts.The pearl influenced many people in this story to act their worst. Kino became increasingly obsessed with the pearl, the longer that he had it. The pearl became more important to Kino than his wife, as shown when he beat her after she tried to send the pearl back into the sea. The doctor wouldn't help the native family because they were poor until they found the pearl. Lastly, many different parties attacked Kino and his family by coming after the pearl, burning his house, and destroying the family canoe.

Coyotito's family went to great lengths to give him the best life possible and it still wasn’t enough. Kino and Juana dived into the sea in search of a pearl to pay for a doctor that could heal their infant. Kino fought off men, even killing them to keep the pearl. After Kino secured his wife and son in a cave, he left for their safety. All the trackers were killed by Kino but not before Coyotito was shot and killed. I was disappointed with the ending because I felt like Coyotito's parents deserved for their son to grow up and prosper.

List of what happens in the story
take the list above and write in a few sentences, the plot of the story
first sentence with 2 reasons liked/disliked the story
2nd sentence introduces 1st reason
remainder of 1st paragraph supports the 2nd sentence
1st sentence introduces 2nd reason
remainder of 2nd paragraph supports the 1st sentence