Unit #18
English Literature
December 16-22
Weekly Video (watch this before doing anything else this week)

Assignment 18.1:  
Novel Reading:
"A Christmas Carol" (pages 45-end of book) 
Extra Credit for watching the movie...I would suggest the "muppet version", the one with Jim Carey, or the one with George C. Scott.

Submit Assignment 18.1 (10 pts) due Dec 18


Assignment 18.2:
Discussion Board:
Each week, you will go to this link and answer a discussion board topic as well as respond to two other student's discussion board answers.  So, choose a question below and write an initial paragraph about it....first come, first serve since you can't pick one someone else picked.

1. What does the spirit of Christmas future look like?
2. What is this spirit’s personality like?
3. How does Scrooge feel about this spirit?
4. What is the point of the long discussion between Joe and Mrs. Dilber? Hint: they relate to
Scrooge’s property.
5. What are some of the words Dickens uses to create the mood of the paragraphs that follow?
What is this mood?
6. When Scrooge asks the phantom to let him "see some tenderness connected with a death,”
what does the ghost show him?
7. What is the lesson Scrooge learns in this stave that he had not learned before? Why is this
stave needed when Scrooge’s attitude had already changed so much.
8. At the end of section 4 (aka Stave 4), Scrooge promises to honor Christmas all year. How does
Scrooge see this promise as a way to alter his present life?
9. List several changes that took place in Scrooge by the end of the story.
10. How does Scrooge show he is sincere about his promise to keep Christmas all year?
11. Predict what Scrooge's future life will be like.
12.  At the beginning of section 5 (aka Stave 5), Scrooge is happy that the "time" before him is his
own. Why would time be so important to Scrooge?
13. Explain the new feelings Scrooge has for the door knocker.

Here are the guidelines:
1)  Your initial answer to the discussion board question MUST be at least 4 sentences.  
Submit Assignment 18.2a Answer (20 points) due Dec 17